Judith Potts, M.A. Washington  Lic. Counselor & Coach - SE Portland     JudithPottsMA@judithpotts.com    503-358-3121
I believe in the co-creation of a collaborative partnership that uses all of our available resources to help you find what you are seeking. We work together to develop strategies and solutions that fit your unique situation and personality.
During our visits, my complete attention is focused on you, whether we're in my office, on the telephone, or walking outdoors. I want to get to know you and learn what works best for you.
You will find that I am direct in a non-judgmental and respectful way,  encouraging you with compassion and humor. I am your ally in the process of change: you don't have to do this alone.
My style tends to be informal and transparent. Yes, I am an expert in my areas of practice, but you are the expert on yourself and your life! We are aligned as a team for your improvement and well-being.
My approach is creative, intuitive and heart-centered. I am proactive: if I notice something that could benefit you, I will bring it to your attention and you can decide if you want to address it.

As much as possible, I incorporate the principles of Mindfulness into our sessions. This simply means that I help you cultivate internal awareness, a positive outlook, and compassion for yourself and others. 
I also work holistically: we approach your situation from many perspectives for the best results. If something we're doing is not working for you, I hope you will tell me so that we can try something that will be more effective. 

I use therapeutic tools from many theories and approaches to help you get the most from your Counseling or Coaching experience. 

My mission as a Counselor and Coach is to facilitate changes that will bring more joy and satisfaction to your life:  to help you increase self-awareness, find a greater sense of emotional stability and balance, enrich your relationships, and learn skills to take charge of your life. 
My education and credentials:
  • BA, Brandeis University
  • University of Utah, graduate studies
  • MA-ABS City University of Seattle,  Leadership Institute of Seattle
  • Academy for Coach Training Certification
  • EMDR Certification
  • Lifespan Integration Certification
  • Ongoing continuing education and certifications
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Washington State
  • Certified Personal Life Coach
  • 30+ years of experience
Are you wondering if Counselor or Coaching is best for you at this time? To learn more about the similarities and differences, go to the Services page, and scroll down for a description of these modalities.
Need more information before making a decision? I offer a free introductory session  for new clients. Call or email for your complimentary session, which can usually be scheduled within 48 hours.
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